Cynthia Ritchie in Bani Gala

Who found Cynthia Ritchie in Bani Gala? Who took her there in first place? What was she doing there so late at night? What exactly happened between her and the person there? These are all questions which are surfacing now outside of Islamabad’s secret corridors.

Cynthia Ritchie in Bani Gala became the news when things went sour.

Azaz Syed is chasing Cynthia Ritchie like a bat out of fire. Cynthia Ritchie is feeling the heat as Azaz is digging out stuff upon stuff which is embarrassing Cynthia Ritchie to great limits and she has come out on twitter against him with all guns blazing.

Azaz Syed has said that interior ministry has given leeway to Cynthia D. Ritchie’s visa expired on 2nd March and now she has been given the extension illegally. So she has been living in country without any legal permit and no law enforcement agency has taken notice of it.

Now he has given some more breaking news. He says that Rehman Malik brought her and introduced her to Shahabuddin of PPP in Marriott hotel. Makhdoom Shahabuddin also proposed her but she declined but they were very closed friends.

Cynthia Ritchie also is very close friend of Atif Khan and that’s how she entered in PTI. Cynthia Ritchie became also friend with Anila Khawaja who provided her deep connections in very powerful circles. In Feb 2015, PTI’s minister Waseem Shehzad went to Bani Gala with Cynthia and met Imran Khan.

Then Imran Khan welcomed Cynthia Ritchie in Bani Gala. Reham Khan was also there. They didn’t get along on right footing. Cynthia also intereacted with Reham and talked about documentary but Reham rejected Cynthia.

Another PTI leaders also tried to strike friendship with Cynthia as she was beautiful girl and foreigner too. Then Cynthia also became friend with people with establishment including some past officers of PAF. These were disclosed by fake accounts on social media.

Cynthia Ritchie is going to stay in Pakistan as she is very powerful here. No one can touch her at least in Pakistan and one feels for Azaz Syed.


Zahra Fona and Cynthia Ritchie

Cynthia Ritchie story is not really new in Pakistan. This has happened before with different names but interestingly enough with same party, which is still called PPP.

When Pakistan People’s Party was blossoming in 60’s, a conspiracy was hatched to curb its progress and nip it in the bud. A lady Zahra Fona was imported from Indonesia who claimed that she was pregnant and the baby in her belly called for Azan and could recite the Quran.

She became an instant sensation in those days. People used to flock around her. She was visited by religious scholars from around the country who put their ears on her belly and confirmed that they could hear Azan and recitation. She became so elevated that she led the prayers at various mosques around the country including Badshahi Mosque Lahore.

She got exposed when she suddenly fell ill and had to rush to Karachi hospital where doctors confirmed that she wasn’t pregnant at all and was hiding a tape recorder in her private parts. That matter was hushed instantly and she left the country on next available flight, never to be seen or heard again.

The plan was that right before elections, she would declare that it was haram to cast vote in favor of PPP and given her elevated religious stature and uncanny baby, people would listen to her. That was not to be.

Zahra Fona and Cynthia Ritchie are two sides of the same coin.

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