Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Group

Pakistani girls whatsapp group link latest updates are circulating all over the social media as more and more boys are searching for them like crazy. Most of them are not genuine as people are either trying to prank the boys or its simply part of some larger scam.

Whatsapp numbers 2020 craze is now reaching across the border as it has become a global thing. Overseas Pakistani girls are also being approached by the boys from Punjab area especially. And there is simply nothing which can be done due to being out of area.

In 2020 whatsapp group for girls , most of boys manage to sneak in by adopting a fake DP and profile. They just lurk there , enjoying the conversation, copying the photos or messages and then leaking it to the larger social media or dark web or both.

This has become a pandemic no less than Coronavirus as authorities are not striking down on it. They just consider it a petty thing and say that everyone is doing it and the girls should keep their mobile numbers and whatsapp profiles safe and the group admin needs to be vigilant.

Girls are responding by coming up with creative whatsapp group names in Pakistan. But that’s not really deterring the boys. Group links for whatsapp 2020 is something new but getting old rapidly as they are running out of ideas.

For example I was pat of an Urdu poetry whatsapp group link 2020 and it was exclusively for Pakistani girls or the girls who understood Urdu. There were also some girls from India and overseas but all in all it was purely girl stuff. One day we learned that our photos and chats were being leaked to twitter by a male account. We investigated and it turned out that he was also present in our whatsapp group doing whatever he wanted.

May be this is what’s part of the game and comes with the package. This online world is different from the physical world and this realization compels us to do more in terms of cyber security and better management of the whatsapp group. It shouldn’t be just increasing the number of group members but quality must be maintained at every cost.

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